Ares Our Business Private Equity Special Opportunities Value proposition

For Management Teams:

We provide flexible, long-term capital and have the ability to deploy capital through various transaction types including corporate debt securities, rescue capital financing and post-reorganization equity. 


We target a broad spectrum of mispriced or distressed investments. We seek to invest in corporate debt securities that we believe have been temporarily impacted by current market conditions or company performance and which we believe will ultimately be repaid at par. 


In situations where a restructuring process is necessary, we seek to work effectively with other constituents to reach a quick resolution and minimize the impact on the company’s business. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience with the financial and legal aspects of a restructuring and we endeavor to be constructive participants. We seek to “right-size” each company’s balance sheet to enable the company to grow and compete without the constraints of an over-leveraged capital structure. We have the ability to leverage the knowledge and resources of the broader Ares Management platform to support the company throughout the restructuring process. We do not seek day-to-day control of businesses we invest in.

For Investors:

We target stressed and distressed opportunities, dislocated and out-of-favor assets and other special opportunities and have the ability to deploy flexible capital across a broad range of industries, asset classes and geographies. This broad mandate allows us to pursue a wide opportunity set and stay active through various market environments.