Ares Our Business Private Equity Infrastructure and Power Targeted Investments

Ares Infrastructure and Power is positioned as an industry solutions provider with investments ranging from control-oriented equity investments to highly structured, bespoke credit-oriented investments across the broader infrastructure and power market. Our highly experienced team of investment professionals takes a barbell approach to balance development and construction of new facilities as well as growth-oriented corporate investments along with acquisitions of existing operating assets with current cashflow. We target assets with long term contracts that provide stable revenues and enhanced certainty of cash flows and seek to mitigate both interest rate risk and commodity exposure, while seeking to avoid exploration and technology risk altogether. We focus on newer, efficient assets that meet current and anticipated future environmental regulations and ensure our plants are staffed and managed by experienced operators. Our emphasis on value creation and enhanced returns through balanced investing across the capital stack as well as the asset life cycle, including development, construction and operations, make us a valued partner.


Targeted Investment Characteristics:

  • All stages of an asset’s life: development, construction and operations
  • Corporates with demonstrated competitive advantages, identifiable growth prospects and experienced management teams
  • Minimal commodity exposure through long-term contracts and hedges or fundamental competitive positioning
  • Low-cost producers
  • Meaningful cashflow
  • Commercially proven technologies
  • New, environmentally-compliant assets